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Polystyrene and the Environment

The implications and effect of polystyrene in relation to the environment.


  • Expanded polystyrene is comprised of 98 per cent air, which means it is the most lightweight high impact packaging material available with an ultra-low carbon footprint.
  • Polystyrene reduces the consumption of fuel during transit and delivery to to its weight and helps protect delivered items to minimise breakages and re-delivery thus further reducing fuel consumption.
  • Expanded polystyrene is recycleable, with tens of thousands of tons of polystyrene being recycled each year into all kinds of items including clothes hangers, cameras, plastic decking and outdoor furniture. Recycled polystyrene can be tranformed into a vast myriad of useful items, which themselves can them be recycled.
  • Expanded polystyrene is completely free of CFC's and other harmfull gases, and the environmentally friendly pentane is currently being used as its blowing agent.
  • The styrene used in the creation process is naturally derived from vegitation such as fruits and vegetables, wine and even beans.
  • During the combustion of expanded polystyrene, only a fraction of the carbon monoxide of wood or cardboard is released into the environment.
  • Technological advances including CAD ensures that minimum waste occurs during the cutting phase so large amounts of expanded polystyrene are not discarded. Even the scrap which is discarded is recycled so it is a win win situation for the environment.
  • Water is re-used several times during the manufacturing of expanded polystyrene and oil usage is kept to a minimum with a mere 0.1% of the global oil consumption total.

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