Expanded Polystyrene PS

Polystyrene and Foam Packaging

Polystyrene Packaging

Save yourself £1,000’s a week from damaged goods and expensive returns.
Many of our customers have gone from 20% breakages to virtually nothing, overnight!

Polystyrene Packaging

Multi-Purpose Polystyrene Packaging

Polystyrene Display
and Packaging Kit

Loose-Fill Polystyrene Packaging


We produce packaging items from a simple pad, strip or block to a complex composite pack and in a way that helps you save yourself thousands in damaged goods. Here at Styrotech, we have not only decided to raise the standards for packaging design and first class customer service, across the whole of the packaging industry . . . but we’re actually doing it, right now! Our goal is to bring you new heights in packaging quality, performance and value for money.

Packaging Polystyrene

Bespoke Hot Wire Cut Polystyrene Corners

Hot Wire Cut Polystyrene Corners

Moulded Polystyrene Corners

We can give you numerous examples of customers with a 100% damage free record. We see our job to not only ensure your goods receive the very best possible treatment, but also for you to take advantage of our stock holding, just-in-time and sample making services, plus our excellent quick-ship lead times. We will be more than pleased to assist in solving your design problems or quote for existing work, on any of your packaging needs.

Packaging Solutions for Polystyrene

Polystyrene Chevron Edge Protector

Promotional Pack with Printed Outer Carton

Bespoke Adjustable Corners

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