Expanded Polystyrene PS

Polystyrene and Foam Packaging

What StyroTech Can Offer You

We have the technology to provide a complete packaging service.

As a first step we would like to discuss with you your specific requirements, taking into consideration all aspects of the value and fragility of your product, your storage and transport needs and the target market in which you wish to sell your product.

We then proceed to design and test the pack ensuring that it meets your specifications. These tests are conducted at our premises using our shock recording equipment. For urgent cases we can design, produce and test a pack while you wait.

We manufacture every part of your pack on site, from a large range of modern packaging materials which we convert to produce a wide range of protection, we work closely with carton manufacturers etc... to offer complete services.

Our attention to detail enables us to control our own quality and delivery without having to rely on third parties who may not have our rigorous standards.

A fast, modern production plant and transport fleet ensures a prompt and reliable service throughout the UK.

  • Dedicated customer service department
  • Dedicated Account Manager/Designer
  • Kan ban/Fax Ban Deliveries
  • Just in time Delivery System
  • Orders can be received via e-mail/fax on a personalised order form
  • Scheduled Orders with outstanding quantity maintenance
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